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Basho Cruise (Matsushima⇔Shiogama) Cruise time: 50 minutes Matsushima⇔Shiogama

You can enjoy the islands of Matsushima Basho was so deeply impressed by. The cruise ship will pass through shallow waters that measure only 2 meters deep to see the islands up close. This cruise route is only offered by Marubun Matsushima Kisen.

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Basho Cruise

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In 1689, at the age of 46, the poet Matsuo Basho left Edo to visit famous spots in Michinoku (the old name for 5 lands in Northern Honshu) that he had often heard about but had never seen. He traveled through Shirakawa, Matsuyama and Hiraizumi, traveled along the coastline of the Japan Sea, then south to Tsuruga, and to Ogaki in Mino. He recorded this 6-month journey of 600 ri (approx. 2,340 km) in Oku no Hosomichi (The Narrow Road to the Deep North). Matsushima was the scenery that Basho was most impressed during his journey. Of this beautiful place he wrote, "Much praise has already been lavished on the wonders of the islands of Matsushima. Yet if further praise is possible, I would like to say that here is the most beautiful spot in the whole country of Japan, and that the beauty of these islands is not in the least inferior to the beauty of Lake Dotei or Lake Seiko in China. The islands are situated in a bay about three miles wide in every direction and open to the sea through a narrow mouth on the south-east side. Just as the River Sekko in China is made full at each swell of the tide, so is the bay filled with the brimming water of the ocean and the innumerable islands are scattered over it from one end to the other. Tall islands point to the sky and level ones prostrate themselves before the surges of water. Islands are piled above islands and islands are joined to islands, so that they look exactly like parents caressing their children or walking with them arm in arm..." You can enjoy the scenery that has long been loved by our predecessors on this Basho Cruise.

Matsushima⇔Matsushima Cruise Cruise A cruise time: 50 minutes Cruise B cruise time: 30 minutes

A round-trip excursion from Matsushima to other beautiful spots; Cruise A takes you to major islands, including Nioujima on an approximately 50-minute cruise. Cruise B is an abridged, 30-minute version of the cruise for visitors with limited time.

*When a medium sized ship is used, the cruise time for Cruise A is approximately 40 minutes.

Shiogama⇔Shiogama Cruise Cruise time: 50 minutes

Recommended for visitors planning to see Shiogama Shrine and Marine Gate Shiogama. This cruise is convenient to use the JR Senseki Line.

Oku-Matsushima⇔Otakamori (Irregular service) Cruise time: 50 minutes

This cruise treats you to four well-known panoramic views on Matsushima Bay, where about 260 islands can be seen at a glance. The sunset seen from Otakamori is truly magnificent.

*Reservations accepted for groups of 20 or more persons.